“I am my first love always”// Unknown
Loving yourself/taking care of yourself is a FULL-time job but, it can also be a blast! I typically try to set aside 1 day a week, generally Sunday, to recharge myself.
Here are a few things I love to do to treat my self & refresh:
Coconut Oil Hair Mask
My hair gets dry often since I bleach it to stay blonde. Once a week I do a coconut oil hair mask in the shower to replenish it. This helps my hair become soft and have great shine. To do this, I simply run my tub of coconut oil under hot water. While the coconut oil is heating up, I get my hair wet. Once the oil is in a liquid state, I rub it on my hair focusing on the ends. I let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing, shampooing, and conditioning as normal.
Face Mask
While I am doing the coconut oil mask, I also like to do a face mask. If I don’t have a good pre-made face mask, I’ll mix a little bit of coconut oil with honey and apply it on the face for 10 minutes to hydrate and give the skin a little glow.
I not only want to take care of my outer hygiene but my inner as well. I start every day with a meditation regardless of if it is a recharge day or not. It sets the tone for the day and helps me to recognize what I am focusing on the most. For everyday use, I personally prefer a silent meditation. It gives me a designated time without the noise from daily life. I typically do 10 minutes of controlled breathing in a calm space like the beach or my cozy couch.
For me, inspiration is key to staying motivated & focused. I will take 10-30 minutes to look at something that challenges me or that I want to emulate in my own life. Some days it’s a TED talk or a documentary, other days it’s looking up outfit inspiration or watching YouTube Vloggers. This really gets me excited about what I am working towards.
Guilty Pleasure
Usually, to end my self-care day, I’ll splurge on a guilty pleasure. This can look like a mini-binge of This Is Us, snacking on a Sanpelligrino & sea salt chocolate or treating myself to an early night of snuggles with my boo.
Whatever you need for that day, as long as it’s good for you obviously, honor it. You deserve it, love!

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