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If you know me, you know I’m a huge advocate for my ME time!  I love being alone, ha.  There is just something about spending time with you, catering to you and spoiling you that fills your cup for the week.  After a good me day, I feel recharged and get a ton more done.


I’ve curated a list of my favorite eight easy me dates because let’s be real every girl needs a good me date.


Working out is the easiest way for me to get my me time.  I can fully get in the zone and focus on taking care of different areas of my body.  It really helps me to feel connected to myself.  During my workouts, I always try to gas myself up a little on the progress I’m making.  Don’t be afraid to check out yourself, yeah you did DID that.  Right now for workouts, I start with ten minutes of cardio and then lift for fifty minutes which is approximately 3-5 target workouts (ex. arms or legs) and 3-4 ab workouts.


Hiking is a great way to take a break.  You tune into nature and if you turn your phone off (or on silent, like I do), you can tune out of your life for a little bit.  My favorite spots to hike are by the lake or at one of the local parks.


This year I bought myself a kayaking pass, best decision ever!  Sitting out on a peaceful river, gliding while listening to Chance the Rapper at sunset is a whole aesthetic.  Definitely one of the highlights during my weeks this summer.

Get Your Nails Done

I’m honestly terrible about actually going to get my nails done.  It’s a little pricey but, I love the feeling of having my hands or toes all cleaned up.  You literally can not tell me anything after I have my nails done because I am a NEW woman, a new one, okay?

Binge Your Favorite Show or Movies

Binging my favorite shows or movies is probably in the top three of me dates.  There is no better feeling than coming home after a long week, binging the Kardashians while pretending to be their wealthy homegirl sipping on some rosé in the comfort of your velvet jammies (yeah, it’s that serious).  My go to “watches” are currently the Kardashians, This Is Us and Fixer Upper! : )


My room always seems to become a mess but, I absolutely hate it being messy.   Sometimes the best thing I can do for myself is clean everything.  It keeps me busy and unclutters the space around me which I firmly believe helps me think more clearly.


Meditation is bae.  I do it every day, probably my number one me date.  It’s become a crucial part of my days and I can always tell when I don’t do it.  Sit alone in silence and see what the freak is going on in that mind of yours.  Think of it as like a daily vitamin.  When I first started meditating, I used the Insight Timer app (bonus, it’s FREE!).  The app includes a variety of meditations including those that are guided and those that are go at your own speed.

Have a Manifest Day

A manifest day will look different for everyone.  On my manifest days, I like to lay out my goals either for the day, week, season or year even.  Then I make a plan of action of how I’m going to rock this ish.  I write it all out and keep these posted around my room so, I remember what I’m working towards.  Keeping it broad for the sake of space here but, if you want more specifics on this, let me know!  Manifesting is THE best.


Whatever you do, most importantly make sure you like it and are having fun.  That’s all that really matters.  What me dates have you tried and loved?

Love & Light,


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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