#OhYes, Paperbag Pants


Raise your hand if paperbag pants have made a positive impact on your life! I am HERE for this trend.  To start, paperbag pants are essentially the, generally khaki or polyester, pants that frill up on the top and tie around the waist; leaving a bit of fabric hanging out of the top and your waist SNATCHED.


These pants are perfect for work, school or even a night out.  I always joke that these are like stylish sweats for professional use!  I love styling mine up with a body suit to maintain a more fitted look.  The pair shown here are from TJ Maxx and were only around $15.


If you want to join in on the fun, which I recommend you do, consider trying a few of these:




Charlotte Russe


H & M


H & M


Love & Light,

Em Anne


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