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Photo Courtesy of Sarah Ordo

I’m STOKED about today’s guest on Em Anne!  Today I’ll be sharing an interview I did with Sarah Ordo; Entrepreneur, owner of 24Luxe Hair & Makeup LLC, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber, 1:1 Mindset Transformation Coach and overall AMAZING human being.  Sarah is in the process of launching her latest book, Thirty as F**k.  I had the pleasure of gaining insights on the book and her tips to us fellow boss babes!

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Photo Courtesy of Sarah Ordo

Let’s jump in.  I’ve put Em before my words & an S before Sarah’s.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Sarah for letting me interview her!

Em: So, Sarah you’re almost thirty! How does it feel?

S:  Honestly, it feels amazing! But trust me, I didn’t always feel this good about turning thirty. Like most women do, I was putting my 30th birthday up on a pedestal like it was going to change everything. I worried about not being married yet… I worried about wanting to have children and not having any yet… I worried about the beginning fine lines and dark spots creeping through on my skin… I worried about A LOT of things. It’s the end of your infamous twenties! I started thinking about how I needed to change and if it was time to stop shopping at Forever 21. Were crop tops out of the question now!? lol But all joking aside, the closer to thirty I got the more I realized that everything wasn’t going to change on that day. It was just going to be another f***ing birthday! Another year to live life and make it amazing. I can honestly say that turning thirty next month I am more confident in myself, secure in who I am, and comfortable in my life than I have ever been.

Em:  You’re writing all about it in your new book Thirty as F**k. What can readers expect from the book?

S:  I really wanted to make this book fun! Most of my previous books have been very serious and about heavy topics like my sobriety. When I started my podcast, I loved that I could make people laugh, make them cry, and make them connect with and enjoy so many different things about where I’m at in my life. I wanted to bring that light, satirical, but still empowering vibe to this book. Readers can expect to hear the 30 biggest things I learned during my quarter-life crisis. We cover everything from cellulite on your ass to learning how to be alone to realizing that we have the power to make our lives into the best one it can possibly be. I made sure to include lots of hilarious life experiences of my own that every woman can read and be screaming “OMG YES!” because they have been there too! I think women of all ages will be able to relate to the things I share in this book. Lots of life experiences, lots of truth bombs, lots of LOL moments.

Em:  Where did you find inspiration for Thirty as F**k? Why did you write it?

S:  I was inspired to write this book after realizing how ridiculous and crazy women can be about aging and getting older in life. My quarter-life crisis prompted me to go through so many thoughts and feelings that it was like a f***ing rollercoaster ride sometimes. Sometimes I felt okay with turning thirty and other times it felt like a death sentence to my youth. I realized at the end of my twenties that this time in our lives as women can be such a beautiful, liberating time. We’re not little girls anymore trying to figure it all out. We’re not young adults wondering if we are real adults yet. We are these amazing human beings that have come into our own as women. We have been around long enough to learn a thing or two and grow and mature. Once I started to feel this more positive vibe about turning thirty, I was determined to share it. I was determined to share this incredible place I am in and all the things I learned during the journey to get here.

Em:  What is/are your favorite takeaway(s) from the book? I’m sure there are several!

S:  Oh gosh, SO many good ones! I actually had 31 things for weeks and couldn’t decide which one to take out to make it 30 things for the final draft! Thing #30 in the book is You Have The Power To Create Your Best F***ing Life, and I couldn’t be a bigger advocate of this one! We harness so much power and control over own own lives, our own mindsets, and our own journey within ourselves and a lot of us don’t realize it. After getting sober and relentlessly chasing after creating the best life for myself that I could, I realized that I had the power to create this life all along. We all have that power as women. We don’t have to take everything in life as it arrives. We don’t have to take things the way they are handed to us. We don’t have to live the way we think other expect us to. We can choose at any moment to live our best f***ing life. We can decide and start making choices and changes to change every single day to be a little bit more special, a little bit more happy, and a little bit more amazing.

Em:  What do you hope readers get out of the book?

I hope that all of the women that read this book have that moment where you read something and you are like “THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!” That goosebumps moment where you are like “THIS IS ME!” That moment when you connect with a book or story so much that it hits you right in the heartstrings. I think that God, the Universe, and all the Higher Powers out there like to playfully give us what we need exactly when we need to find it. I hope that that is what Thirty As F*** can be for SO many women. I hope it makes them laugh at how relatable some of the life experiences are. I hope it brings tears to their eyes when they read something that they need to hear to get through the current season of their life. I hope that they feel inspired to share it with the women in their lives that will also love it. I want women to walk away realizing they are doing just fine exactly where they are in life. We all learn and grow so much throughout our journey. And I hope it also takes away a little bit of the stigma that surrounds aging and turning thirty, because it really it such a beautiful time!

Em:  Sarah, you’re obviously an extremely successful woman both in the business and personal world.  What advice would you give to women who are striving to be successful in their industry?

S:  Put in the work and do it from your heart. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and if it does… it usually doesn’t last. Just ask all the one hit wonders that you see filing bankruptcy and losing everything. Be patient and put in the work. Things you do today might not seem like they are making huge changes in your success, but one day 5 years down the road you will see how they did. Do the work, and do it from your heart. Things that are forced or not inspired from our heart and soul will never have the passion and love behind them that they need to have to be successful. Follow what feels right and use your gut intuition. Take the redirection and the “failures” in stride, knowing that they are teaching you and steering you along the way. Anyone can be successful… it just takes work and passion from the heart.

Em:  Lastly, when can we pick up a copy of the book?

S:  All of my books are available on Amazon, Kindle,, and my website! Thirty as F*** will be released on Friday January 11th, 2019. My spiritual ladies might have picked up right away that the date is 11119. 1’s are major angel numbers, and the date just felt right! I am working on setting up a pre-order for Kindle versions of the book but unfortunately since I self-publish, I cannot create pre-orders for the physical paperbacks. Everyone can sign up for my email newsletter at to receive a notification when the book is live and available as well!

Em:  Thanks again, Sarah!  I can’t wait to pick up a copy.

Be sure to check out all the wisdom and goods Sarah shares on her various platforms:







Love & Light,

Em Anne

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