Chicago Diaries: Chinatown

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Chinatown, in my opinion, is one of Chicago’s best hidden gems.  Growing up, I would visit Chinatown with my mother; not really appreciating what it was, but definitely enjoying the delicious cuisine.

 This China trip was special.  I was looking at what the artifacts of Chinatown told those that visited.  I had the honor of taking a course of Asian Americans and the media this past semester; our final project was of our choice.  I chose this topic because I feel many people, myself included, make assumptions about others without really getting to know them.  I wanted to see what people took in of Chinatown without taking the time to actually emerge themselves in the culture or even less than that without having even talked to anyone.

I loved exploring the town.  It’s filled with fresh food, big smiles, vibrant lights and lots of fun shops.

2018-12-01 18_20_47.840

2018-12-01 18_44_05.265

2018-12-01 18_36_05.534

2018-12-01 21_06_40.834

2018-12-01 18_24_39.985

2018-12-01 18_24_20.244

2018-12-01 19_00_38.276

2018-12-01 20_29_54.967

2018-12-01 20_24_29.609

2018-12-01 20_21_38.584

2018-12-01 19_19_31.496

2018-12-01 19_09_46.825

2018-12-01 19_30_45.689

2018-12-01 19_34_48.922

2018-12-01 18_18_17.192

2018-12-01 17_36_49.056

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