Who is Em Anne?


Em Anne was created as a way to share Marley’s self-love journey.  The goal of Em Anne is to make self-love easy and accessible for us busy ladies!  After years of struggling with her confidence and finding a sense of love for life, she decided to do something.  She decided to date herself, treat herself, exercise herself, water herself, experience herself, grow & bloom.  It’s been a wild ride but has it’s truly made Marley into the bold, fierce, self-love filled, crazy, caring woman she is today.  Marley is passionate about sharing what she has learned along the way to help other women live their best life through self-love, fashion, travel, and experiences.

Em Anne is Marley’s rebranding name for her more fulfilled, connected self. Marley is a huge enthusiast for life despite all the madness that may occur in it.  She wants to be her best and live her life to its best potential. On Em Anne, you’ll find self-love ideas of all sorts including fashion, me dates/travel, fitness & healthy living. 

She’s beyond thankful she gets to share all of this with you!

Light & Love.  


For collaborations please contact marleyannerose@gmail.com.